March 27th, 2015

6pm – 11pm 

Dance-a-thon is the annual youth fundraiser filled with disco lights, smoke machines, glow sticks, beach balls, and all the music you want to dance to!  It works like this: each youth asks for sponsors to donate an amount for every hour they are on the dance floor; for example, Grandma says she’ll donate $10 for every hour Jimmy can keep shaking it on the dance floor, Jimmy dances the full 5 hours, Grandma donates $50!   Grab as many sponsors as you need to cover the cost of camp and mission trip!

Wanna come dance but don’t have any sponsors?  It’s $5 at the door.

Snacks, water, and sodas are provided, as well as adult supervision.

Use the flyer to tell your friends!  Sponsor sheet is attached below, too.

Questions?  Contact Olivia

Dance a thon sponsor sheet Danceathon Flyer 2015