Thai Folk Drama April 8

A taste of Thailand is coming to Denton. On Tuesday, April 8, at 7:00 p.m. First Christian Church, Denton will host a dance/drama troupe from Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The troupe is currently on a performance tour covering several states, including Texas. The dancers and actors are professional staff members of the Christian Communications Institute (CCI), the evangelistic arm of the university. Chiang Mai is a cultural and educational center in the northern region of Thailand.
The Institute was established almost 40 years ago for the purpose of teaching Christian truth through the use of Thai cultural expressions. During the school year these artists lead week-long renewal programs for elementary and secondary students. They teach ethical and spiritual values by using music, dance and drama. During the winter months the troupe performs traditional melodramas in rural villages on outdoor stages. Although the Institute’s principal ministry is in Thailand, its performers have presented their art in more than a dozen countries on four continents.
During their current tour the CCI troupe is featuring several dances from the four regions of Thailand. The program is concluded with a traditional Thai melodrama based on the parable of Good Samaritan.
The performance is free to the public; however, there will be an opportunity to donate toward the cost of transportation for the artists.




of the Easter Egg hunt hosted by First Christian Church for all children, ages 3 – 10 on the Saturday before Easter!!! The first 50 families to register will recieve a ticket good for three hotdogs!  Registration is at 10 a.m. and the hunt will begin at 10:30!!!  Please come help clear the property of the 2000 Easter Eggs which will be “laid”!!!


Please bring extra baskets or buckets with handles, so that we may be prepared in case any children arrive without them.  Ice cream buckets, detergent (rinsed thoroughly), it doesn’t matter.  Clean and with a handle, it will suffice.  If you wanted to go ahead and put a little Easter “grass” in it, that would be fun, as well!!

We’re Gonna Feed the Hungry & House the Homeless


Habitat for Humanity Apostles’ Build this Spring The Denton County Habitat for Humanity will be building a house this Spring and for us this is an opportunity for ‘hands on’ outreach. The build is here in Denton, near Cross Timbers street. Beginning in March the basic hammer and nails construction will take place. As it progresses, painters will be needed as well as landscapers. Any of you are welcome to work on any phase of the build. All through the 12 weeks lunches will be provided for the workers. Since we Disciples do food so well, I volunteered our church to provide a month’s worth of lunches. This means a group of us will gather each Friday or Saturday morning to put together sandwiches, cookies, fruit, chips, etc. for 25-30 workers and take it on site. I’ll know more about specific dates after the next HfHDC meeting. Suggestions for the menu are appreciated as well as contributions of food items and helpful hands.

The next HfHDC meeting will be Monday evening, Feb. 24 at FUMC in Denton. Would anyone like to go with me?

Jacque Walston Outreach Chair 940-484-9273