Welcome, we are so glad that you are interested in our children’s programing we hope that you find the information that you are looking for, and even more! 

To start of, and answer the big question, what programing do we have for your families and children that come to worship? Well, we have Children’s Church! Children’s Church is a program for any and all children’s ages 4 till their finishing of the 5th grade. We have two classes, made to suit the ages of our church so that we gave our kids the best opportunity to learn about their faith and who God is in their life!

Children’s Classes

Our curriculums are Kid Quest and J.A.M.. In our Kid Quest classes we spend time searching for God and learning who He is in our lives. J.A.M. stands for ‘Jesus And Me’ where where learn about how God fits and plays into our lives as we grow. These classes take place during the worship hour, at 10:50am each Sunday morning. During service we have a ‘Children’s Sermon’ where our Children’s Resource Coordinator, Khaleigh Hopkins, will share with the children what our sermon is about that morning in a way that children will understand. It is after the ‘Children’s Sermon’ that any and all students who would like to come with the class will be lead by our teachers to their classroom. The classes end at roughly 12:00, when worship ends!


What do we teach?

We teach all about the love of God for each and every one of us, we believe that each of us are a true child of God and that we are made perfect in His image. Children, are children and as we have the blessing to lead, we take our responsibilities with care in being with, praying for, and loving your children. Our goals are not to “convert” your child or children, all we wish to do is give them a safe place of laughter, smiles, refuge and tears when needed.  If they leave us with a smile on their face, and the knowledge that God loves them in their heart, than we feel as if our calling to ministry has been filled.


KidZ Fellowship

Twice a month, on the first and third Sunday’s of each month, we spend time together in music, laughter, food, and of course fellowship! We spend about and hour and a half together, meaning we will end at 1:30 on those Sunday’s.


Who we are!

Hello, my name is Khaleigh Rose Hopkins and I have the amazing opportunity to serve First Christian Church Denton as the Children’s Resource Coordinator, which basically means that I get to love and be with these amazing children every week. My goal is to make sure that these children, know that they are loved.